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How does Kollect work?

Kollect helps you save valuable time by automatically collecting emails and phone numbers from people who send you that contact info via inbox or comments.

It can collect data in real time and also on demand, by querying date ranges. Also you can download all that information on XLSX/CSV, or send it directly to a CRM by using our very simple webhooks.

It is very easy to start using Kollect. Check out the video!


Data collection

Collect your leads' data from inbox and comments in real time, and also on demand. Validate the e-mail and phone number format, so you only collect valid information. Doesn't matter if your users type XXX-XXX-XXX or (XXX)XXX-XXX or any other.

CRM integration

Using our very simple webhooks, you can send your leads' info, in real time, directly to your favorite CRM, every time a new lead is created or updated.

Automatic interactions

Don't let your users without an answer on your fanpage! With Kollect, you can set up automatic responses that triggers every time a new lead send you its contact data.

Pricing *

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* All our charges are made and invoiced in United States Dollars.

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